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We're a digital content and cinematic production partner built to help you stand out.


We’re Cinematic Video Production & Digital Content specialists located in Auckland, New Zealand.

We partner with brands and businesses to produce engaging media to help you stand out and build trust with your audience.

While Video Production & Digital Marketing may be our specialty, it’s not all we do as visual content specialists.







"Video offers the highest ROI amongst all media content available today and it’s adoption rate is still growing faster than any other."
Joel Staveley, EYESORE

Our Services

As intra-disciplinary digital media specialists we have a wide array of skills built for the current and next generation of media – from Video Production to Web Design, Photography and 360 Virtual Reality.

We specialise in crafting media for brands and businesses to strategically support their marketing strategies.


We offer a full service video production solution from creative and location filming to motion graphics and VFX. By having control over the whole process we can lower the cost and ensure you will get the best result.


We know how important your website is to your business and it’s necessary for us as media curators to understand how to build what serves it best. Our SEO and analytics capabilities are in line with the best and give you the confidence to know exactly how your website is performing and keep it at it’s best.


Understanding the important role that social media and digital platforms play in our society is a critical part of modern business growth. Using it to supercharge traditional channels like your website is key to succeeding in a digital landscape. Talk to us to find out how an effective strategy can help your business.


Photos go a long way to engaging with your customers and clients in this digital age where text is becoming less relevant. Photography is a natural part of what we do as cinematographers.


We produce virtual tours to showcase locations in a unique, interactive and engaging way using the using 360 VR technology. With our ability to shoot 360VR HDR photos at up to 300+ Megapixels we are one of the few who can offer the most stunning visuals around. We cater to the existing device market which means our web-based platforms support handheld devices and computers alike.

Video Production

With digital consumption growing at an unstoppable rate businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies and boost their engagement with customers & clients. Video is unquestionably the most popular form of rich media available and until the “next big thing” takes the podium all eyes are on video.

EYESORE offers a professional video & content production service with a story focused approach that connects with your audience. Sometimes this isn’t what you need though, which is why we also produce other variants of advertising and promotional videos needed for short-play rapid attention acquisition on social media platforms and commonly seen on TV.

Engineering Media & 3D Visualisation

Our background in 3D Visualisation, Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering gives us a unique point of difference that few others can claim. Not only are we capable of performing VFX and 3D Animation but our ability to work with engineering multi-media, often known as Digital Visualisation Media / Technology, allows us to offer valuable cost saving and risk mitigation services.

Rich visual communication through 3D, Video or 2D media is a revolutionary way to share concepts, ideas and solutions in more than just the engineering realm.


Video Content

Video continues to be the fastest growing marketing medium today.
Why? It’s more engaging, more memorable and more popular among consumers than any other form of content.

of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day

of people can recall a video ad they viewed in the last 30 days

of viewers retain a message when they watch it in video, compared to 10% when reading it in text

We could go on.

If it isn’t clear yet, video is now an essential tool for engaging your audience. Video content isn’t always enough on it’s own though and that’s where we come in.

Not only do we produce engaging cinematic films and video content but we have the know-how to help you achieve it’s maximum impact through all digital platforms.

Our Work

Our Work

Here’s a glimpse of what we get up to. We’ve completed over 35 video projects since our inception and have gained a reputation for helping promote education throughout in New Zealand.

Our Work
Our Work

Who are we?


Joel Staveley

Cinematographer & Photographer

Joel Staveley is an ex-industry engineering consultant holding qualifications in Mechatronics and Electronics Engineering. Specialising in precision reality-capture technology, 3D visualisation and reverse engineering, Joel played a key part in the development of cutting-edge engineering media for industrial applications.

Our Work


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